We are so excited to be a part of the amazing vegan community in New Jersey and we would love to help you grow your brand or business!  We encourage you to tag us in your posts, however that does not guarantee a repost.

For a guaranteed repost and priority scheduling, you can apply to advertise with us!  Listed below are our current rates, which are subject to change at any given time.  You can apply by filling out the form on this page.  Please fill in all required spaces and give us as much information as possible!


All posts are buy 5, get 1 free!​

  1. $7 each for reposts (us taking your post and caption, posting it on the @veganinnj page, adding that it's a repost, and adding a little blurb of our own) 

  2. $10 each for posts with our own caption and provided pictures from you

  3. $30 each for posts with our own pictures and our own caption


Free products that are sent directly to us always get a free story set.  Please allow time for us to try the product out.  Note that if we do not like the product, we usually don't make a feed post on it.  We don't enjoy posting negative reviews, so we do not.  Free products that we have to travel to obtain will still receive a free story set, but may not be posted immediately upon receipt of the product.


There will be a maximum of:

  • 5 story sets in 7 days

  • 2 feed posts in 7 days

  • or 5 story sets and posts in 5 days


You can mix and match, but no more than 2 feed posts because we don't want to overwhelm our feed with any one product or business.


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