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Morristown Vegan Pop Up: Highlight Reel

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

I try to make it to every single NJ VegFest event because they are seriously the best. Since they started putting on events, I have missed only 1 (and I'd say I had a good excuse). If you've never heard of these events, you may have been living under a rock, but hey - I'm glad you're here now. Let me give you a little inside look and maybe we'll get to see you at the next event (peep our calendar to find the next event!).

The one that I am talking about, specifically, is the December 17th event at the Laundromat Bar in Morristown. Just recently, the Vegan in NJ crew has started hosting meet ups during these pop ups. You can find all of our meet up info on our events page. We post about it often in our Facebook group, too (and on Instagram, but really... not as much)! If you're not already a member, please join! It's a great crew and we discuss all things vegan and plan meet ups together. There's usually one or more per month, hosted by us.

Before this specific meet up, a few members of the Vegan in NJ community met up for breakfast at Morristown Pancake House, which happens to be literally across the street from the pop up! I know, could life get any better? I'm thinking we will do this before every Morristown pop up! Morristown Pancake House is one of three - Maywood and Rutherford are the other locations. They have vegan items throughout their menu, such as french toast, pancakes and milkshakes! They had a vegan sausage wrap on special with tofu scramble, vegan sausage, vegan cheese (they use Daiya) and avocado, so I got that, along with a fresh squeezed orange juice.

After the long walk across the street to the Laundromat, I arrived early to the pop up, so I could get some pictures. Unfortunately, for me, I spent so much time talking to people that I missed out on the limited run of cashew mozzarella sticks from The Green Moustache! The few people I talked to that had them said they were amazing. Hopefully I'm smarter next time and get in line earlier! I always have one regret at every pop up and this is it at this one! Though, I talked myself out of getting Freakin' Vegan buffalo chick'n mac and cheese and, looking back on that and looking at this picture, I think that was stupid of me. I did, however, take home some of the amazing pecan pie from Gone Pie, so it was not a total failure for me!

In my opinion, this was the biggest of the vegan pop up events held in Morristown (the ones in Asbury Park are definitely much larger) and had the most vendors. It was nice to see different vendors at this one! I do love the vendor regulars, though - Freakin' Vegan, Homemade Betty, Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary, The Green Moustache, Mo'Pweeze, Creature Comforts Stationary and Vegan Nest, to name a few.


I did a lot of gift buying at this event (normally, it's a lot of selfish buying and eating!) and finished up my stocking stuffers! Here are some products I recommend that I am stuffing some stockings with this Christmas, all thanks to the wonderful vendors at this event:

Hot sauces from Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary! Not only are they great tasting, but they also support the sanctuary. My non-vegan family members that are getting this might not appreciate it as much as I do, but I know they won't argue with how great they taste! Who knows, maybe they will even seek them out again (or ask me to pick them up more haha). They are $7.99ea or $20 for 3 of your choice. Unfortunately, they didn't have the Bourbon Blend in stock at this event, but I did get the other 2 as gifts (and for me)! Image taken from the Tamerlaine website.

Organic French Lavender Body Butter from Homemade Betty! I had someone on my list that I don't know very well, but wanted to get something for. This is the perfect gift for her! For anyone really! It's just a really great body butter with an amazing and calming French Lavender smell. You can buy different sizes of this body butter at different costs: 1.5oz for $4, 4oz for $15 or 8oz for $25. You really can't go wrong with any of Homemade Betty's products! I picked up a coffee scrub for myself, too. Image taken from the Homemade Betty website.

Okay, this might not be the kind of gift you were thinking, but my cat sure appreciated it and it's a really cute thing to give to your cat or your friends' cats! It's from Creature Comforts Stationary and it's a tiny little sache stuffed with catnip. The back is mesh, so be careful of catnip dust coming from it! I gave it to my cat in her bed, so she has been a big fan of her bed since I took the toy away (the addiction got too real fast!). I had a really hard time taking a picture of her - most of the time, she was smothering it! I'm unsure of the price and because it's a new item, it's not on the website yet.

Soap bars from The Fanciful Fox! These smelled magnificent! I've never actually used soaps from Fanciful Fox, but I have other products from them and that's enough for me to know that these soaps will be awesome! I picked up the Rosemary Mint and the Alternative Fox (which has a spicy scent with a hint of citrus). I also got some lip balms because why not? Hibiscus and Sangria were the two I got. I bought these within the first hour of the pop up and got the last of the sangria - seemed like a very popular one and I can see why! The gorgeous soaps are $7ea and the lip balms are $3.50ea. Image taken from from the Fanciful Fox website.

Candles from Warmth Soy Candle Co! Not all of their candles are vegan, but the majority are. Of course, I usually see them at vegan pop ups, so all the candles they bring are vegan there! They have 8oz candle tins or 9.5oz glass tumblers. They also carry some skincare, such as oils, cleansers, toners, etc. I've never tried their skincare, but their candles are delightful! The two scents I picked up were Mahalo and Marmalade. I'm keeping the Mahalo (you'll start to notice an 'obsessed with Hawaii' and an 'I hate winter' theme from me, so this will come as no surprise) and am giving the Marmalades as gifts. The Mahalo scent is so perfect. It immediately feels like I'm on vacation! 8oz candles are $12ea. Image taken from the Warmth Soy Candle Co website.

Vegan tee from Teeminder! Okay, so maybe this wasn't a gift, but it would be a great gift for another vegan! Teeminder has super soft and comfy organic shirts that all carry a great message. They aren't all fitted with a vegan specific message, but there are a few! This tee, pictured here, is $34 and has the sleeves sewn up, just like it's worn. It feels like a really old, worn in comfy shirt, but it also feels like it's going to last a lifetime. This is my first time buying shirts from Teeminder, but absolutely won't be my last. Image taken from the Teeminder website.


Long story short, the NJ VegFest vegan pop ups are always such a good time. They've brought me closer to the vegan community overall and helped me switch many of my everyday items to local and handmade items. I think it's really important to buy local whenever possible, but I get it - it's not always easy. Having the option to attend these pop ups with these amazing local and vegan vendors almost every month really opens the doors to make buying local so easy.

Hopefully, I've introduced you to a few new businesses or products today, but even more - I hope I get to see you at one of these pop ups! Don't forget to check the events page to keep up with when the next event is and get a link directly to our private Facebook group's event meet up page. We will be hosting a meet up at every single pop up event, so don't be afraid to come alone. Come say hi, hang out and meet some new vegan friends with us!

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