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Anonymous for the Voiceless: NJ Chapters

For those who aren't aware, Anonymous for the Voiceless is an animal rights activist group. It's international and got its start in Melbourne, Australia. It's a form of street activism, which involves members of the group to stand in a cube formation, wearing all black and Guy Fawkes masks. They hold signs or an iPad/laptop/TV which shows a loop of videos. The videos document the standard practice in fur, dairy, egg, meat and fish farms. Typically, the group will find a generally crowded area or a place that gets a lot of foot traffic and setup there. A few will remain on the outside and approach people who come and watch the videos to discuss what is happening and why and what we can do to make this stop (hint: you should go vegan). I enjoy this sort of activism because it's not super confrontational and it's one on one. You approach people who are already taking an interest in seeing what's going on and the goal is to educate them and assist them in making the connection between these videos and their current lifestyle. There's a place for every kind of activism, but this one just sits with me better personally. This is also a great place for someone to start their activism journey! It's just a matter of following the guidelines that are already set in place for the organization.

There are 3 chapters in New Jersey currently: New Brunswick, South Jersey and Central Jersey. The links lead straight to the Facebook group. There are also chapters in NY and PA, which can be found on the location page on the Anonymous for the Voiceless website. These pictures are from the New Brunswick chapter on January 19, 2018 and November 5, 2017 at Rutgers Campus on College Ave. Please join the Facebook groups to keep up with all events. I also list them as they are announced on the events page here, but I do suggest you join the respective groups to stay up to date and get more information. I hope to see you at some of the events! Please tag #veganinnj or @veganinnj on Instagram if you post pictures at any of the cubes!

As of now, the next cubes for the NJ chapters are as follows: Cube of Truth: Jersey City , NJ: February 3rd

Cube of Truth: South Jersey, NJ: February 16th

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