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Maya Kaimal Fine Indian Foods Everyday Dal Review

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Maya Kaimal is a cook-book author and founder of Maya Kaimal Fine Indian Foods. You can read more about her on the About section of their website. This vegetarian brand has an array of products such as simmer sauces (such as Madras Curry, Goan Coconut and more), naan chips, chickpea chips, spicy ketchup, refrigerated sauces and the Everyday Dal line, which is what I had the pleasure of trying! Not all of their products are vegan, but they are all vegetarian. On the website, they are clearly labeled with what is vegan and what is vegetarian. They also give you an ingredients listing and nutrition information. The ingredients are very simple, so if you find these products in stores, it's very obvious which ones are not vegan. Gotta love simple ingredients! What a hassle to read ingredients you've never heard of before, right? Then you're standing in the middle of an aisle at a store, Googling what the heck cochineal is, just to find out it's a dye made from crushing insects. You won't find weird shit like that at Maya Kaimal. Unless you've never heard of fenugreek (it's an herb; don't worry).

You can purchase these products at a select number of online stores. They also have a store locator, where you can select which products you're looking for and see where they are sold! For instance, near me, they're carried at a number of stores, such as Wegmans, Stop & Shop, Dean's Natural Market, Target, Foodtown and more! The chips are also at a number of Rite Aids near me!

I got to try 5 different kinds of the Everyday Dal: green split peas, spinach and coconut; black lentils, tomato and cumin; green garbanzos, corn and coriander; kidney beans, carrot and tamarind; and red lentil, butternut squash and coconut. I invited a couple friends over, got some naan from Babur Garden (because holy shit, vegan naan!), made some basmati rice and we dug in! Before we even tried, I already declared my favorite was going to be the red lentil, butternut squash and coconut. Based on the main ingredients, I assumed that would be the one I was into the most. However, like all of us at the table, every new one we tried was our favorite and, in the end, we loved every single one and couldn't decide if we liked one better than the other or not! I still can't. They all had certain qualities to them that made me want to keep eating them. Whether they were chunky and hearty or smooth and creamy, it all worked so well and we were all very satisfied at the end of this meal!

I also was thinking that, because these are coming out of a packet you can buy in stores, that it would have a lower quality feel and taste to it. You know, a processed food kind of vibe? It didn't. I heated them up on the stove and it felt like we were sitting down at an awesome restaurant, eating food that was just made. It was unbelievable! It was something that we all commented on with every few bites of food. It continued to blow us away and I, honestly, can't wait to get my hands on more products from Maya Kaimal because every bite made me happy. That's a quality to look for in food! I've heard amazing things about the simmer sauces from everyone anytime I reposted something from this brand. I think the most amazing thing is that's how I even found out about this brand! One of you tagged me in a post on Instagram that I reposted and then the company reached out to me and I started paying attention to this brand a lot more. You better believe I will be looking for them the next time I go shopping!

Have you tried Maya Kaimal Fine Indian Foods? What's your favorite product from them? Is it a simmer sauce? If so, tell me what you make with them! Vegan only, of course. No animals being killed or tortured over here, please. I'm definitely interested in adding these to my pantry staples!

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