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This Week in NJ

Welcome to a new thing I am going to force myself to do weekly! I've been approached by quite a few people to do something like this, so I hope this helps you all plan your week out and learn about some new things happening in NJ! If you are hosting an event or know of an event happening that you do not see on our events page, please send an email to and I'll add it to the page ASAP and include it in my weekly breakdown.

Newark Animal Save is a brand new chapter of The Save Movement. They will be having their first vigil bright and early on Tuesday morning at 270 Raymond Blvd in Newark for a religious event called Eid al-Adha, which is also known as the Feast or Festival of Sacrifice. The Save Movement is a peaceful organization that specializes in bearing witness to animals sent to slaughter to raise awareness of what is happening, educate on veganism, and give animals some kindness in their final moments. Keep up with their events by liking their Facebook page, as well as the NJ Animal Save Movement chapter, which also has an active Facebook group.

Friday night, the Fun-loving Vegans & Vegetarians-Shore towns of Monmouth Cty. meetup group is hosting a group dinner at Takara in Oakhurst for vegan HIBACHI! Takara has a secret vegan menu of mock meats, such as beef, chicken, salmon, scallops, shrimp, and more. You can find more information on their Meetup page or by joining our Vegan in NJ Facebook group, where they also post their hibachi meetups.

If you head a little further south, Baltimore is hosting the 5th Annual Vegan SoulFest on Saturday, where R&B singer and celebrity vegan, Mya will be headlining! There will be speakers, cooking demos, performances, and more.

Sunday has a few things going on, starting with an NJveg lunch at Stewart's in East Brunswick. They are one of a few Stewart's locations, who are introducing a vegan menu. Hazlet being the first location and the one with the largest vegan menu, so far. Howell has also just added the Beyond Burger to their menu! You won't find these menus on the website, but you can find them posted all over Facebook!

The very last vegan pop up in Asbury Park of the year is also happening on this day! Head down to Convention Hall on the boardwalk and get overwhelmed with how many badass vendors serving up vegan goodies there is! Upstairs, there will be a meetup, hosted by our Facebook group and a cookbook swap, hosted by New Jersey Vegan. You can find more information and a list of vendors on their Facebook event. Buy your tickets online in advance to save yourself $5!

When you nice and full (and probably broke because that list of vendors omg), hop in your car or take NJ Transit to Jersey City to where there will be a Cube of Truth happening! Cube of Truth is an event hosted by Anonymous for the Voiceless. All NJ chapters will be combining for one mega cube, so that as many people as possible can be reached. This is happening on the same day as the AV Worldwide Meetup happening in 4 locations across the world. Toronto is the closest to us, but if you cannot make it there, Asbury Park is where you should be! Please look on Facebook or on the AV website to find a chapter near you and keep up with future Cubes. This is one of my favorite forms of activism and a seriously great way to start your activism journey, if you have not already!

Every Sunday, at the train station in Asbury Park, Jersey Shore Food Not Bombs are there, feeding those who are in need some good vegan food. They accept donations of food and clothing and aim to make sure that food is right and not a privilege.

That's all for event related items. I hope you get out there, get active, meet some vegans, and make some new ones!

I'm currently working on a vegan pizza list by county! I hope to have it finalized in the next few weeks (I have to call a lot of places to confirm information) and it will include what kind of cheese used, if there's a gluten free option available, and if there are any meatless proteins to add on. To add your favorite place, send an email over to!

Vegan in NJ meetups scheduled (must be a member of the Facebook group to view):

Thank you to those who came here via the Try Vegan email blast! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can learn more about the Try Vegan empire via their meal delivery (use that link for a free meal!), their food truck, or their clothing line!

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