This Week in NJ

Vegan in NJ has started a Patreon page and we would love it if you could donate any amount you could. We will be working on setting up tiers as time goes on, but for right now, you will just get access to our feed, where we will be working through ideas and events we plan to host in the future. This will be a great place for you to have your voice heard about how we can make NJ the most vegan friendly place it can be!

If you are hosting an event or know of an event happening that you do not see on our events page, please send an email to and I'll add it to the page ASAP and include it in my weekly breakdown.

There are so many options on things to do this Thanksgiving. Whether it's ordering in from Cinnamon Snail, Seed to Sprout, Montclair Vegan, or many other vegan restaurants that are doing catering or you're heading out to one of the many events that are taking place throughout NJ and surrounding areas. Either way, I hope you enjoy your holiday, however you choose to celebrate it or not. Be kind and compassionate and take some deep breaths if you've got to spend it with your non-vegan family members this year. Remember why you're vegan. You've got this.

First thing in the morning, Newark Animal Save (a division of The Save Movement) will be hosting a vigil and outreach at the American Halal slaughterhouse on Raymond Blvd. Chilis on Wheels is a non-profit organization that gives vegan meals to the homeless. It's nationwide and there are many chapters to it, including some in NJ and surrounding state. The NYC chapter will be at Tompkins Square Park for their 4th Annual Vegan Thanksgiving Community Feast from 12pm to 2pm. In order to volunteer, you must fill out this form ahead of time!

Luna Verde is a vegan Mexican restaurant, located in Bradley Beach. They are hosting a Native American Vegan Cuisine Feast in celebration of Native American Heritage Month. There will be dishes from North America, South America, Mesoamerica, and Circum-Caribbean. You can find their menu in the About section of their Facebook event.

Picture taken from Farm Critter Haven's Facebook

In Egg Harbor Twp, Farm Critter Haven will be hosting a potluck at their sanctuary! Bring a dish and $10+ donation and eat some cruelty free food while hanging out with Becky and Pecky, the resident turkeys who are living at the sanctuary. If you cannot attend this event and would still like to donate, you can do so via their Facebook page!

Up in Wantage, Skylands Animal Sanctuary will be hosting a Thanksgiving with the animals on their property, catered by Cinnamon Snail. Unfortunately for the readers, this event is sold out. However, in good news, the event sold out and raised money for the wonderful animal residents! If you were unable to attend this event and would still like to donate, you can head to their website's donation page and do so.

On Saturday, there will be a protest/march to bring attention to the horrific conditions because of fur in NYC. They will be meeting at Washington Square Park before heading to the destination. The weekend after Thanksgiving is a very busy shopping time, so there should be a lot of people out. Make sure to bring those signs, megaphones, vegan shirts, and anything else you can think of to get your voices heard!

Saturday night, DJ Brad Scott is throwing a