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This Week in NJ

Vegan in NJ has started a Patreon page and we would love it if you could donate any amount you could. We will be working on setting up tiers as time goes on, but for right now, you will just get access to our feed, where we will be working through ideas and events we plan to host in the future. This will be a great place for you to have your voice heard about how we can make NJ the most vegan friendly place it can be!

If you are hosting an event or know of an event happening that you do not see on our events page, please send an email to and I'll add it to the page ASAP and include it in my weekly breakdown.

A protest is being held in Fredon against the bear hunts on Monday and Saturday morning. You can learn more about the bear hunts in NJ by following the Facebook page, The BEAR Group. Governor Phil Murphy has passed law banning bear hunts on state lands, but they are still able to be hunted on federal and private lands. Most hunters have just been baiting bears to get onto private or federal land, so they can then hunt them. Governor Murphy has the power to end the bear hunts in NJ, but has yet to do so. Join The BEAR Group and others as they stand together to educate the public and rally together against the bear hunts.

Newark Animal Save (a division of The Save Movement) will be hosting a vigil and outreach at the American Halal slaughterhouse on Raymond Blvd on Thursday morning. They will bear witness to the animals coming in for slaughter and give them their last moments of kindness before their lives are over. Before and after bearing witness, they will do outreach to the surrounding neighborhood and after will be a vigil, remembering the lives lost to American Halal.

Every holiday season, in downtown Red Bank, there are horse drawn carriage rides. One of our group members and local Monmouth County activists, is hosting a protest on December 1 and as many Saturdays as possible until Christmas, when these rides end. Please reach out via Facebook event for more information and to attend. It's never okay to exploit animals and force them to work against their will. They are not meant to be dressed up in uncomfortable garments and sit in the traffic of a busy downtown area. Between inhaling all the fumes from standing behind cars, buses, etc, long hours, and almost always being in terrible conditions, these horses do not live a good life. When they're too old to continue their "job", they are often sent to slaughter. Please do some research on this topic and attend the protests, if you can. Animals need us to speak up! Picture taken from this article.

The NYC chapter of Anonymous for the Voiceless is hosting a Cube of Truth on Friday. They will be at Union Square Park (14 St) at 6:30. Dress in all black, bring a fully charged laptop or tablet filled with the required footage (can be found in the description of event and in any AV Facebook group).

VGN MKT in Brooklyn is having a pop up event at Market Hotel on Sunday. All of their vendors are 100% vegan all of the time (and not just for the event). There's a list of vendors on their Facebook event page (check the pinned post), including Samosa Shack (get the bhel puri - my favorite!), SELF Love Vegan, and Compassionate Farming Education Initiative (CFEI).

On Saturday, Loving Hut in Ledgewood teamed up with Bnai Tov Schul for an all-you-can-eat Hanukkah dinner buffet. If you pre-pay before Wednesday, it's only $19.95, but the price rises $2 after that. There will be festivities and a gift exchange as well. Please see the flyer for more details!

Every Sunday, the Jersey Shore chapter of Food Not Bombs will be feeding those in need at the Asbury Park Train Station between 4:00 and 5:00. If you want to donate something, contact them via their Facebook page or by emailing them at

Vegan in NJ events scheduled (must be a member of the Facebook group to view private events):

Thank you to those who came here via the Try Vegan email blast! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can learn more about the Try Vegan empire via their meal delivery (use that link for a free meal!), their food truck, or their clothing line!

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