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Tom Wramage - Anonymous For the Voiceless

Hi, I'm Tom Wramage I'm one of the organizers for the Anonymous For the Voiceless (AV) Jersey City and New Brunswick chapters, along with Alex Teitelbaum and Nicholas Guild.

How I went vegan and grew into activism:

I became a vegan two days after Thanksgiving in 2015. I was a heavy animal eater and the type of person who wouldn't even consider a meal fulfilling if it didn't have some sort of animal product in it. A few weeks prior to Thanksgiving, I had seen a humorous Thanksgiving themed viral video that had a vegan message in it. That Thanksgiving was the first year having the holiday in my home. I no longer saw the turkey on my table as a meal… I saw a dead animal. The next day I researched about veganism and what happens to animals and decided right then and there that I was going to go vegan.

I've now been an animal liberation activist for almost three years. Around late spring/early summer of 2016, I started my journey into activism. I had a friend who would send me invites for Their Turn's campaign against NY Blood Center who had decided to cut funding to feed lab chimps they sent off to an island in Liberia to retire. I was moved by how powerful their disruptions were that I decided to try out activism. We did a disruption outside of the board members home in the upper west side of Manhattan. They handed me a cow bell and told me to make a lot of noise. Needless to say it was a bit intense for a first timer.

Some time had passed and I had joined my friend, Jill Carnegie, with her new grassroots campaign against the horse carriage industry, for the entire holiday season. This was my first go at outreach where we would try disuade passengers from taking a ride on a horse carriage.

A month or two after the holiday season I saw a few posts from activists in New York holding laptops and Tablets showing what happens to animals while wearing Anonymous masks (Guy Fawkes Masks). I honestly had no idea what this was and just wanted to stand there with the mask. After seeing how moved people were by the footage and how seriously people took veganism, I decided that I was going to focus my activism mainly on AV and grew into being better at outreach.

I had taken a break from activism that summer when my son was born and came back the day New Jersey had its first AV chapter. The next April I stepped up as an organizer and have been organizing AV Cube of Truths ever since

Anonymous For the Voiceless - Cube of Truth:

The Cube of Truth is an extremely powerful demonstration. We see many people, for the first time, taking animal rights and veganism seriously. You'll see people, right before your eyes, open up their hearts, in what often seems like an apathetic society.

The AV Cubes of Truth are a two part outreach based form of activism:

1. We have people stand in a still square formation with Guy Fawkes masks holding TV's, laptops, and/or tablets showing standard-practice animal exploitation and people also holding signs that say "Truth".

2. While bystanders are watching footage people doing outreach will approach them and have a conversation with them about animal rights and veganism and try to lead them to a vegan conclusion.

Afterwards we get a tally on how many people were going to consider veganism and take animal liberation seriously. Each chapter averages different numbers based on foot traffic and like minded people are around.

I always tell people that this is an easy way to give activism a try as it is a peaceful environment and it's great for both introverted and extroverted people.

Collaborative Cube of Truth at Jersey City 8/26/2018

For those interested in joining here is a alist of chapters in and outside of New Jersey.

The chapters for New Jersey are: AV: Jersey City AV: New Brunswick AV: Monmouth County AV: Ocean County AV: Atlantic County

Outside of Western NJ: AV: Lehigh Valley AV: Philadelphia AV: West Chester

Outside of Northern NJ: AV: Rockland County

AV: New York City AV: Brooklyn AV: Queens AV: Staten Island AV: Bronx

You can also find more chapters at

*Photo Credits: Mahesh Kalader, Peter Herrera, Bill Wang, and Jill Carnegie

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