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Hungry Hippie Eats

You remember that time when Facebook and Instagram were down all day? I was supposed to go live on Instagram with LisaMarie from Hungry Hippie Eats, but turns out, social media had a different idea. We had the time blocked out, so we met up anyway! Her and I met officially at the holiday pop up event at Cross + Orange, hosted by Desired Dish. Since then, I’ve ordered meal deliveries from her twice and I hope to order many more because they’ve been awesome!

LisaMarie’s story starts off when she was around 10 years old. Her and her best friend had gone as meatless as possible, giving her very Italian family a run for their money. She relied heavily on pasta and veggies and protein shakes daily. Her journey took her back and forth between vegan and vegetarian until she found a whole foods plant based diet. As time went on, she learned about the animal cruelty behind it all and worked one becoming fully vegan. After doing an elimination diet, she transitioned into a whole foods plant based diet and was paying attention to the foods she was putting into her body. She became informed on GMOs, soy products (which are typically filled with GMOs), and gut health and began to clean up her diet and focus on health.

After getting involved in nutrition, she realized her passion wasn't aligned with her going to FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) and she began studying nutrition. She is now a CTNC (Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach) and received an extra certification in digestive health.

Hungry Hippie Eats started off accidentally with LisaMarie making some meal prep for her friend's mother (yes, the same friend who she went vegan with!) back in April of 2018. The woman was originally going to go with a non-vegan meal prep company, but LisaMarie made her two weeks worth of meals instead. She was hooked! She told a friend at work and then she wanted meal preps, too. More and more people became interested, so LisaMarie got to work and Hungry Hippie Eats was born.

Now she is putting all her knowledge, research, and travels into her Hungry Hippie Eats meal delivery and catering company. She's got people eating vegetables that they didn't even know existed! She's giving a lot of new life to plants that people aren't used to seeing in that light - for instance: turnip hummus! LisaMarie is making cleaner food more fun than we're used to by making "eggs" out of cauliflower, "sausage" out of beans (always trying new varieties of beans), hummus out of white beans, egg roll wrappers out of yucca, pizza crust out of red lentils, and so much more! And you definitely can't forget the condiments and sauces, which she always makes from scratch!

Hungry Hippie Eats is out here, trying to expand the horizon of what people are eating and get them eating more plant based foods. A typical meal plan sends 5 days worth of food (including snacks), delivered every Sunday or Monday. You can also order catering and individual meals. Everything is always vegan, gluten free, sugar free, soy free, and local/organic whenever possible. She strives to be as zero waste as she can, using many food scraps in many ways. The goal of Hungry Hippie Eats is to bring healthy food to more people in the NJ/NYC area and with how great her food is, I know it won’t be long until many more people have introduced a whole foods plant based diet into their household!

Make sure to check her out on Instagram, where she shares healthy tidbits and of course, some food porn! Sign up for the mailing list, to keep updated on weekly meal plans. There is also a blog, where you can learn more about the food you are putting in your body and how to deal with any issues you may be having! There are also a few freebie recipes!

Mention this blog post when you place your order and get a free mini snack bundle!

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