This Week in NJ

****Our next volunteer day at Skylands will take place this Saturday. While this volunteer list is full, keep an eye out for future dates! Must be a member of our Facebook group to view.****

The March of Silence: Thanks-taking Peace Walk will take place on Tuesday in NYC. March of Silence takes a stance for animal liberation and human rights. The goal is to raise awareness of the atrocities that come with this day. The demonstration in front of several different restaurants (to be determined). More information can be found here.

Join Chilis on Wheels for their 5th Annual Vegan Thanksgiving Community Feast as they continue to make veganism accessible to communities in need. This year, they will have a second location in Harlem while continuing to deliver food throughout all Manhattan to people living in the streets.To ensure the community is well-taken care of, they will also provide coats, blankets, quilts, and toiletries. There will be a Kids Area, and live music! For more information and/or to sign up as a volunteer, check out this link.

Animal ACTivists of Philly will be hosting a Canada Goose protest on Friday. Now that Macy's and Burlington Coat Factory (their previous Fur Free Friday targets) will no longer sell fur, they have a new target: Boyd's Philadelphia! Boyd's proudly features one of the area's largest collections of Canada Goose items, made from dogs and birds. The store also sells many other items made from tortured dead animals, from full length coats to fur trim mountain boots. If you are interested in joining, please check their event page for more info.

In conjunction with Thanksgiving and it's celebration of violence to both human and nonhuman animals Liberation Philadelphia is taking a stand in solidarity and support of our animal brothers & sisters. Please join them Saturday after Thanksgiving at Saba Halal in Philly. More information on what is needed, directions, and volunteer sign-ups can be found here.

The 2019 Vegan Christmas Market will take place in New York, Montreal and Toronto. Open to the general public on both Saturday and Sunday, the NYC Vegan Christmas Market gathers, under one roof, a curated group of vendors offering a wide range of vegan products. All made without animal exploitation, attendees will find among these products pastries, chocolate treats, cosmetic products, artisanal soaps, clothing, and more. The Vegan Christmas Market was created to encourage the public to shop in a manner that underlines the essence of the Holidays, which is a celebration of peace, love and compassion for all beings, humans as well as animals. For ticket, transportation and general information, please their event page.

Newark Chicken Save will be hosting their very first vigil as they bear witness to the animals suffering in live markets in Newark NJ. They will meet at Pepe's Poultry Market at 7am on Sunday, December 1st.

Finally, the Jersey Shore chapter of Food Not Bombs will be feeding those in need at the Asbury Park Train Station between 3:00 and 4:00. If you want to donate something, contact them via their Facebook page or by emailing them at The Jersey City chapter meets at the Journal Square plaza at noon every Sunday. For donations, contact them via their Facebook page or at

Vegan in NJ events scheduled (*must be a member of the Facebook group to view private events):