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Challenge 22+ - Mentor With Us

Going vegan. Many of us talk about it, a lot. To the outside world, its kind of “our thing”. We have made some kind of connection and now we want others to make that same connection. Let’s say we do somehow succeed in getting someone interested in veganism. Now what?

Inevitably that person is now facing a ton of questions. What do I eat? How do I get enough protein, iron, calcium and B12? Will I lose weight? Will I gain weight? Can I still go vegan if I have certain medical issues? Can I still be vegan and avoid food allergens like gluten, soy and/or nuts?

Let’s face it, we can help to a degree but we do not have all of the answers.

This is where Challenge 22+ comes in handy. Challenge 22+ is a completely free online resource that essentially holds people’s hands for 22 days and helps them with taking the first steps into going vegan.

Right now, we are seeing more and more people interested in going vegan and our sign-up numbers are great. However, we are now in need of more volunteers to help mentor all of these participants. If you have been interested in getting more involved somehow, but are not sure what to do, volunteering with Challenge 22+ could be a great fit for you! You can volunteer from the comfort of your own home, on your computer or cell phone. For just 5-10 minutes a day you could be making a huge difference in people’s lives.

How often do we wish someone we know would reach out to us and say they are interested in going vegan? This is a really rewarding form of activism because it brings people to you who are already willing to learn, and you get to be one of the people who help them. I have personally been working with the challenge for 3 years and have seen some of the people I mentored, turn around and later become mentors and activists themselves. I mean, how great is that?

Photo from Challenge22+

You do not need any kind of prior experience or knowledge; we will train you on everything you need to know. We only ask that anyone who signs up has been vegan for at least 6 months. Mentor school is super easy and you can go at whatever pace you feel comfortable with; as it is completely self-guided. School looks like reading through online material, (most of which you probably already know) and answering some sample participant questions using the format we teach you. Super simple and you can be helping baby vegans in no time!

If this sounds like something you may be interested in, please head on over to and select JOIN THE TEAM at the bottom of the page to get started right away!

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