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Let me reintroduce myself...

This last year has really took us for a spin, so it's only right we choose March as our relaunching month - especially since March is the month that took us all down in 2020. Our blog disappeared for a while, but we are officially bringing it back and will be putting out regular content! You can expect news tidbits, nutrition information, product and restaurant reviews, recipes, and whatever else we come up with that would provide you value.

If you're new here or you just haven't been that involved in the brand on all our platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Facebook group, Twitter, Pinterest, Meetup, or here, on the website), you might not know me. I'm Cherise. I started this brand and am basically head bitch in charge. I'm not kidding. That's even what my business cards say. I've got quite a few wonderful people - new and old - helping me out over here and they will slowly introduce themselves as you see them posting.

L-R: Janet, Tom, Melinda, Naciye, Cherise.
Some of our team in the form of FB moderators and admins (minus Lori!) back in 2019.

Our main goal is to make being vegan in NJ easier for us all and to bring our community together. It sucks being the only vegan in your friends group. It sucks to not know where to eat, where you can get a decent pair of non-leather shoes, where you can go to pet a cow that isn't a zoo, or where you can get a decent slice of pizza with vegan cheese and bomb toppings that aren't 5 pieces of spinach.

One of our other goals is to help vegan businesses thrive and get their names out to the masses. We've got a Facebook group you can join to promote your business (make sure you answer the questions to join and follow the rules or your post/you will get the boot), a team of bloggers ready to write about your brand, and an Instagram feed that would love to be blessed by you. Reach out to us for any custom offers via email at or fill out our form on our collab page.

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