Killer Vegan Meetup in Union, NJ 1/7/18

Updated: Apr 28

Every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month, Killer Vegan in Union hosts a brunch buffet. This most recent Sunday, Vegan in NJ hosted a meetup there and about 30 of you showed up! It was such a great time! You can catch their menu on their website. If you don't feel like looking, here's the brunch menu:

Buttermilk Pancakes

French Toast


Cashew Gravy (gf)

Scrambled Tofu (gf)

Home Fries (gf)

Breakfast Sausage

Tempeh Bacon (gf)

Steamed Greens (gf)

Arroz con Gandules (gf)

House-made Berry Syrup (gf)

Bottomless Coffee and Tea

Thanks to Denise Morgan from Jammin for Jaclyn for the picture!

I recommend showing up early, as it tends to start filling in around 11-12 and there may be a wait for a table (especially if someone is hosting a meetup and 30 hungry vegans show up - oops!). It's $22.50 plus tax and includes the entire menu listed above. Everything was really good! It wasn't fancy or anything, but it was just solid good food. It filled us all up with no complaints and many of us went back up for seconds... maybe thirds... maybe more. I did mention we came hungry, right? I would say my favorites were the pancakes (so light and fluffy!) with berry sauce. Seriously, put the berry sauce on everything. You see that picture up there? There's pancakes and french toast under that pile of berry sauce. You might need more berry sauce than this. I also really loved the seasoning on the potatoes. Even though roasted potatoes are something I can easily make at home, I just really appreciated how perfect these were. I thought the biscuits were a bit dry, but after smothering in gravy, they turned into one of my favorite things as well. Definitely recommend that cashew gravy! Moral of the story: if there's a sauce, get it. Trust me.

We had a few guests from Royal Vegan Treats come by with some cookies that one of the attendees ordered and shared with everyone. I definitely recommend checking them out. These chocolate chip cookies were excellent! They were soft and just the perfect texture. You can find some food porn and their selection of treats on their Instagram page. I'm definitely interested in checking out their gluten-free options and their coquito!

Thanks to Denise Morgan from Jammin for Jaclyn for the picture!

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